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Final Fantasy XIV: Benchmark Tool Released

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Everyone loves a good benchmark session, Basically to compare their PC hardware to the games they want to run, And fortunately Square Enix agrees – it has released the benchmarking tool for Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming expansion.
You can download the benchmarking tool right now, and it allows you to check and see if rig is up to spec for the expansion, The tool is 1.6GB size though, so do bear that in mind if you expect to be marking benches within a few seconds of clicking ‘agree’.
Heavensward created things like flying mounts and the other new amazing elements you would expect from any big expansion, Beside it also includes a graphical upgrade for final fantasy XIV. Don’t forget to get the DirectX 11 to experience more emptied features.
The Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward launches on June 23, People who choose to pre oder the game will grant the option to get early access on June 19.

If you still hesitate, Go grab one and see what’s all the noise about!


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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – The Full Story

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So why we are here?

The Witcher 3 is almost here, till now convenience. I collected the most important details in one place, And will keep this page updated with all the latest news before the game get released. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt makes the game to trilogy series of action RPGs from CD Projekt Red. The series became so popular because of the writing and the characters, branching plots and gorgeous world. I were certainly fond of all that in The Witcher 2 (Spoilers: Until the end of the 2nd game ). From what I have heard a lot going to change, especially the huge open world. CD Projekt Red also said the story wont branch quite like it did in The Witcher 2.
What’s the release date?
The Witcher 3 is almost out, All of us experienced delayed few times , Just to squash bugs, But  rather get delayed than have bad game experience right?. I will be happy if the release date May 19, 2015 will be the last one announced.

What’s is about?
The Witcher 3 follows the story of Geralt, a supernaturally powerful monster hunter. According to the official site, our  main quest in this chapter is “to find the child of prophecy, an ashen-haired girl, a living and highly volatile weapon everyone wants to control.” Meanwhile, mysterious specters—The Wild Hunt—are in town, war rages as the Empire of Nilfgaard attacks the Northern Kingdoms, and Geralt has romancing to do, like he always does.
The Witcher Wiki present good recaps of the first two games of The Witcher trilogy, As I will as brief bios of main characters of the front page. As for what  you will be doing?, The Witcher 3 will feature a large open world (Day/Night cycle with dynamic weather). Not mention the real-time combat with melee weapons, ranged weapons , and the most interesting magic weapons, And all of that kind of distractions  off the main quest line.

Can I see game play trailer?
There have been quite a few Witcher 3 trailers, and a recent one (below) gently walks us through the game’s ambition and story:

What are the system requirements?
The Witcher 3’s system requirements were announced earlier this year. You certainly need a decent PC—a GTX 660 is becoming the standard minimum GPU requirement for new big-budget games—but the requirements don’t seem unreasonable given the scope and complexity we’ve seen so far.
Minimum System Requirements
Intel CPU Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz
AMD CPU Phenom II X4 940
Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 660
AMD GPU Radeon HD 7870
OS 64-bit Windows 7 or 64-bit Windows 8 (8.1)
DirectX 11
HDD Space 40 GB
Recommended System Requirements
Intel CPU Core i7 3770 3,4 GHz
Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 770
AMD GPU Radeon R9 290
OS 64-bit Windows 7 or 64-bit Windows 8 (8.1)
DirectX 11
HDD Space 40 GB

If you did not own a copy of The Witcher 3, Grab one now!


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Matchmaking Comes To TeamFortress 2

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Valve is bringing new feature in TeamFortress 2 called “Matchmaking” to high propriety. This feature were numerous for long the on the internet and craved the competitive community for even longer, No much details at this moment, obviously because  Valve apparently hasn’t got very far into implementing its system,  but the team does have plenty of other, successful competitive online titles to draw from. You can watch the video below explain about the feature and other thing right now:

the folks at will offer us more and more details of what they learned on their trip to Valve on Friday. So we will have to wait to get the full picture of on what’s going on. But for now the competitive community can show a bit smile aren’t they?, If you haven’t got the game till now, Go and grab one!


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Be Surprised How RoundTrip Is Cheap!

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What If You Knew The Secret For Fat Loss

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It’s not in your mind, ladies – men and women do not live in an equal world when it comes to body fat. Men, with their taller bodies and larger muscles and bones, lay claim to a faster metabolism. At puberty, girls put on fat and boys put on muscle. From fertilization to breastfeeding, women have and need more fat than men. As you read on, keep in mind that although the odds may appear to be stacked against us, we can overcome stubborn fat and make improvements to our shapes and health. First a brief explanation of the fat burning challenges women face, and then the secrets to overcoming them.

Body Fat Distribution
Women bear almost double the amount of body fat as men, primarily to help them carry and nourish babies. Fat is the major energy source needed for fetal development and protection. We have no control over where the fat cells decide to swell and shrink.

The fat cells in the lower body, where women tend to put on inches, are more prone to fat storage. The fat cells in the upper body, where men tend to carry extra weight, are more prone to releasing fat. Women who have dieted will notice that as they lose weight, body fat starts melting away from the upper body first, followed by the persevering lower body fat.

Yet the reverse is true when gaining weight. The fat cells in the hips, thighs, butt and abs will enlarge first. Woman who have yoyo dieted for years have an upper body that is disproportionately smaller than her lower body.

During pregnancy and the menstrual cycle, hormones encourage water retention in the fat cells. The excess fluid slows down circulation and makes it even more difficult to mobilize fat.

The progesterone in women’s bodies affects appetite and mood. It causes hunger during the second half of your menstrual cycle and is responsible for the ravenous appetite experienced during pregnancy. Progesterone also causes sluggishness and sleepiness making one less inclined to exercise. Women who take birth control pills gain on average 3 – 5 pounds as a side effect.

Throughout pregnancy, fat cells in a woman’s body not only expand, but often multiply in number. When the pregnancy is over, those fat cells remain and are always ready to enlarge when the body takes in more calories than it uses. In addition, the thyroid gland, which drives the metabolism, becomes notoriously sluggish during pregnancy to help the body hold onto fat. Not surprisingly, after two or three children, the weight loss dilemma may be compounded.

During Peri-menopause (the 10 years prior to menopause), women begin producing less estrogen, which is a protective hormone. We also begin to sleep less and our appetite becomes stimulated. As Peri-menopause begins, fat tends to accumulate around the waist and chest, increasing our risk of heart disease.

Beginning in the mid-20s, women lose an average of about 7 pounds of muscle mass each decade (compared to 5 pounds for men). To make matters worse, non-exercising women typically gain 1 -2 pounds of fat a year – for life. And the fat gain number can be much higher depending on lifestyle choices.

So, by your mid-40s, you have probably lost close to 15 pounds of metabolically active muscle and replaced it with over 20 pounds of lethargic fat – and that’s conservative! Your metabolism has dramatically slowed and your body composition has changed in unfavorable proportions.

To make matter worse, if you have dieted (I imagine you’ve attempted one or two), you have accelerated the muscle loss process. Dieting without exercise can lead to 25% to 28% muscle loss.

Aging also makes excess fat harder to hide. As skin begins to lose its elasticity and sag, it has a harder time containing fat cells, giving the skin a rippled appearance often referred to as cellulite.

Now that you understand the special physiological challenges women face, let’s talk about how to overcome them to attain the strong, trim, fit body you really want.


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