Saints Row 2 – FREE on Steam and GOG

Saints Row 2 is free at the moment in Steam and Good old Games, woo-hoo! Get Saints Row 2 for free:

On GOG, or On Steam


One more thing, do you have Saints Row IV, The Third or Gat out of Hell on Steam?

If yes, you can get them at this moment for free in GOG Connect, get Saints Row 2, The Third and IV for free



After the explosion of Alderman Richard Hughes private yacht in Saints Row, The Protagonist falls into a coma for several years, and is kept in intensive care at Stilwater Penitentiary, receiving extensive plastic surgery due to burns suffered in the explosion. During this time, the 3rd Street Saints disband, and their legacy is soon forgotten. With Julius missing and the Saints gone, a power vacuum in Stilwater allowed three new gangs to take over: The Brotherhood, Sons of Samedi, and The Ronin
Upon awakening, The Protagonist breaks out of prison with fellow inmate Carlos Mendoza. After The Protagonist learns of the Saints dissolution, Carlos advises The Protagonist to keep his head down and learn as much about Stilwater as he can. While visiting Tee’N’Ay, The Protagonist learns of Johnny Gat’s arrest and trial on the news, and rescues him from his trial. Deciding to resurrect the Saints, Gat helps find a new hideout, and The Protagonist, as leader of the Saints, sets to work recruiting new members, including Carlos, Pierce, and Shaundi. The reborn Saints soon formulate a plan to re-claim the city of Stilwater from three new gangs that have taken over in their absence.



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