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Matchmaking Comes To TeamFortress 2

Posted by on Apr 30, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Valve is bringing new feature in TeamFortress 2 called “Matchmaking” to high propriety. This feature were numerous for long the on the internet and craved the competitive community for even longer, No much details at this moment, obviously because¬† Valve apparently hasn’t got very far into implementing its system,¬† but the team does have plenty of other, successful competitive online titles to draw from. You can watch the video below explain about the feature and other thing right now:

the folks at will offer us more and more details of what they learned on their trip to Valve on Friday. So we will have to wait to get the full picture of on what’s going on. But for now the competitive community can show a bit smile aren’t they?, If you haven’t got the game till now, Go and grab one!


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