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Race The Sun – Free On Steam

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Get Race the sun for PC free today only on Steam. Add it to your account today and keep it forever.
This was free on ps plus a few months ago, but now you can get the pc version for free.
It is free because the new dlc has just come out.

You are a solar craft. The sun is your death timer. Hurtle towards the sunset at breakneck speed in a futile race against time. Delay the inevitable by catching energy boosts which reverse the setting sun – if only for a moment.

Race The Sun is inspired by arcade games of the past with a focus on highscores, short game sessions, and a sense of pure fun mingled with a nerve-wracking tension. The rules are simple: don’t crash, stay in the light, and don’t slow down!

  • Race at insane speeds through an infinite procedural world that changes every day
  • Complete objectives to unlock upgrades and level-up your ship (25 levels)
  • Customize your ship with attachments like faster turning and decals
  • Built-in editor that allows you to create your own endless worlds
  • “World portals” that transport you to user-created worlds
  • Unlockable ultra-hard world called Apocalypse



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How To Get FREE Steam Games Bundle

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Hello everyone, I know how much is frustrated to get free steam games, For a long time I made giveaways but not all of you won.

So I managed to make things easier for you, Just follow my tutorial and get high valued games!

 Allowed Countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

2. Register Your Account (Use Your Real Info)

3. Confirm Your Account

4. Fill This Form, You must specific which bundle you want (Humble Bundle/IndieGala/BundleStars)


5. I will send you the bundle you chose within 10 minutes!

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Giveaway #15 – Digital DISORDER Bundle

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Which-one of you is a war game fan? I personally can’t forget the old days of : Call Of Duty 2, Day Of Defeat, Command & Conquer. So this bundle is more likely focus on very old games but the fun is same as used to be…, You can get this games:

  • Chernobyl Commando
  • Desert Thunder
  • Eurofighter Typhoon


Join as fast as you can, This giveaway will only last for few days!

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Winner: Flip.M


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Glacier 3 – FREE Steam CD-Key

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When was the last time you played so simple racing game, That’s not attracting because his graphics only?, Glacier 3 fantastic is a game you can select one of the 8 powerful cars. Find out what car and weapons work best in which tracks, or work best with your strategy. Will you go for the fastest time and leave all other contenders behind in dust, or will you just turn around and blow them into pieces?


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Giveaway #12 – Humble Indie Bundle: All-Stars Steam CD-Keys!

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This is your best weekend! I made 2 giveaways this week So no one will be disappointed. Humble Bundle ALL-STARS is a unique bundle in the games it has. Each of these games is the Title succeeded without being amazing graphic, or overpriced. I can say that games like that are one to million, So what this bundle includes:

  • World of Goo
  • Super Meat Boy
  • Dustforce DX

I attached proof of purchase to the new of you, So best of luck!


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Winner: Tshoiten.L

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