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Jet Gunner – Free Steam Gift!

Posted by on Jun 12, 2015 in Giveaways | 0 comments


How many of you remember the lost nostalgic games? I can’t even tell when was the last time I had a chance to back into the past, Well I got lucky today cause I found Jet Gunner, This game is Jet a 2D platform action indie game that’s full of Nostalgia. Full of action, gunfights, bosses and explosions so if you’re into the whole 8-Bit vibe you should love this. From the sound, to the graphics to the flicker, this should pay tribute to those classic hard as nails, run ‘n’ gun games. Hopefully this should wet your appetite for re-living the good ol’ days.

Don’t let you past stay behind, And start playing now!


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